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Various Important Professions

  1. Publication: The profession of publishing books, magazines, weeklies etc.

  2. Quiz Master: A person who conducts a quiz or competition, especially on TV, radio or stage in which people answer questions to test their knowledge, particularly general knowledge and current affairs.

  3. Radio Astronomy: Astronomical study by means of radar; study of radio waves    generated in space.

  4. Radio Therapist: Expert in the treatment of diseases, especially cancer and other malignancies by radiation, such as X-rays.

  5. Radiologist: A doctor specializing in the diagnostic use of X-rays, ultrasounds, magnetism or methods of imaging the internal structure of the body.

  6. Receptionist: Person employed to receive visitors or callers at a hotel, office, clinic or other establishment.

  7. Sailor: Member of ship’s crew, especially one below the rank of officer.

  8. Salesperson: The person whose job is to sell goods in shops or from door to door or by other means like telephones..

  9. Sanitary Inspector: An official who checks hygienic conditions in shops, restaurants and other establishments.

  10. Script Writer: The person who writes the actual dialogues called scripts for TV serials, cinema and documentaries or adapts a novel or story for television, radio or cinema.

  11. Security Systems: The profession of manufacturing various security equipments such as security alarms, sirens, metal detectors etc.

  12. Seismologist: Scientist who studies earthquakes and predicts their happening.

  13. Sociologist: An expert in the scientific study of the nature and development of society and social behaviour.

  14. Software Engineer: An Engineer who develops software that involves the systematic application of computer tools and techniques to develop high quality, reliable and user-friendly applications and programs as well as system software.

  15. Speech Therapist: Person trained to help people with speech problem.

  16. Speleologist: A scientist who studies and explore caves, tunnels , etc.

  17. Sports Editor: An editor in a newspaper or magazine who specializes in reporting of sports.

  18. Stock Broker: Person who buys and sells stocks and shares for clients on a commission basis or advises them

  19. Surveyor: Person who surveys and values vehicles, buildings or other property, one who surveys land and terrain.

  20. System Analyst: A computer professional, who develops a programme, analyses the system and supervises how a company’s computer software runs.

  21. Tailor: The person who specializes in cutting and stitching outer garments, clothes etc.

  22. Tax Consultant: The person who advises on how to save taxes within the framework of law.

  23. Travel Agent: Person who makes arrangements for people wishing to travel e.g. buying tickets, making hotels and airline reservations, giving them proper packages for leisure and vacations.

  24. Umpire: Person appointed to see that the rules are observed particularly in sports and games and to settle disputes; a person chosen to act as a judge between teams or groups.

  25. Underwriter: Person or organization that underwrites (accept liability or gives guarantee) insurance policies, especially for ships, aircraft etc.

  26. Valuer: A professional specializing in estimating the monetary value of a company, property, land jewellery, goods or other items.

  27. Vastu Consultant: The person who gives advise on the relevance of various directions    like east, west directions with respect to residence and commercial buildings, based on ancient Indian principles of layout and constructions.

  28. Veterinary Surgeon: A person skilled in the surgery and treatment of animal diseases and injuries.

  29. Video Shooting: The profession of making a film by video camera, digital camera etc of various public functions such as a marriage ceremony

  30. Virologist: An expert in the scientific study of virus and viral disease.

  31. VJ: Video Jockey – A person who acts as an anchor in television/ video shows.

  32. Warehouse Man: Person who stores goods in a godown before they are sent to shops or other places for sale..

  33. Warrant Officer: Non-commissioned officer of the highest grade in the army, air force or navy.

  34. Welder: The person who specializes in joining two or more metal surfaces by raising the temperature at the joints by means of external heat.

  35. Wildlife Specialist: An expert in wildlife who helps implement measures for the conservation of wildlife.

  36. Writer: Person whose job is to write books, stories, articles, essays, criticisms,    commentaries and the like.

  37. Yoga Teacher: The person who teaches the principles and practice of yoga, Hath yoga, Patanjali yoga etc.

  38. Zoologist: An expert in the systematic and scientific study of the structure and functions, form and distribution of animal life.


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