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Various Important Professions

  1. ABC Analyser: One who analyses any given work or issue in order of priorities.

  2. Accent Improver: The person who advises on improvement of accents in language & teaches the art of pronunciation.

  3. Accountancy: Profession to write, keep or inspect financial accounts such as income and expenditure.

  4. Acting: Art or occupation of performing in dramas, plays, films and TV, skits,

  5. Actuarial Science: Study of calculations of insurance risk and premiums by studying rates of mortality and frequency of acts of nature, calamities, accidents, fires, theft etc.

  6. Administrator: A person who looks after or manages the day-to-day affairs of any body, organization or government.

  7. Admiral: A post in the Navy. The chief commander of the navy.

  8. Advertising: Business that deals with the publicizing of, making known of and making a propaganda of goods/services to encourage people to buy or use them, increasing sales/volumes.

  9. Advocate: A lawyer who presents a client’s case in a court of law argues the case and otherwise deals with it.

  10. Aerobics Instructor: Person who instructs people in energetic and rhythmic physical exercise that promotes physical fitness by increasing the body’s oxygen intake.

  11. Agriculture: The art, science or practice of cultivating the land and growing crops, fruits, vegetables etc on it.

  12. Agronomy: Science of study and controlling of the soil to produce crops, fruits, vegetables etc.

  13. Air Traffic Controller: A person at an airport who gives wireless radio instructions to pilots   for flying, takeoff or landing

  14. Airhostess: A female in a passenger aircraft who serves food/beverages to passengers and helps them with a smiling face.

  15. Anesthetist: Person/doctor who administers anesthesia for medical purpose particularly surgeries.

  16. Analyst: Person skilled in making (especially chemical) analysis of samples for industrial, commercial or other purpose.

  17. Anatomist: Anatomy is the systematic study of the structure of animal and human bodies. A person who studies anatomy is called as anatomist.

  18. Anchorperson: Person who compeers and co-ordinates the discussion of a group, especially that of participants, in a radio or TV broadcast or a stage show.

  19. Announcer: A person who announces about the programmers, speakers, singers, performers and the like, especially on radio, TV or at public functions.

  20. Anthropology: Study of mankind, especially in the context of its origin, development, customs and beliefs traditions.

  21. Aquaculture: Cultivation and propagation of the natural living produce in or of water for commercial and industrial use.

  22. Archaeology: Study of ancient history and civilizations by scientific analysis of physical ruins found in the ground.

  23. Architecture: The art and science of conceptualizing, designing and constructing buildings.

  24. Army Officer: A post of Officer of country’s land army.

  25. Art Instructor/Art Director: The former is a person with the skill/ability to guide people in the visual form of creation such as drawing, painting, photography or sculpture. The latter is an individual employed in the print media or advertising who handles the designing of all forms of art on printed matter.

  26. Artist: Person who practices any of the fine arts, especially painting, acting, designing, sculpting, or even acting etc.


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