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Atthavisati Buddha Vandana

The following stanzas are recited in salutation to the 28 Buddhas who have appeared in this world during various periods. The Buddhist scriptures record the names of these Buddhas. Going back into the distant past of the universe which has appeared and disintegrated countless times, the Buddha visualized innumerable periods of earlier, Buddhas.

 The Buddhas in the past are infinite in number. Of the known 28 Buddhas, only four Buddhas belong to this present world cycle, the fourth being Gautama the Buddha whose teachings we now follow. In time to come and during the course of the present universe itself, one more Buddha will appear. He will be the Maitreya Buddha. The present world system would thus have a total of five Buddhas. This clearly shows that Buddhists do not subscribe to the idea that the world will end in the near future.

 Buddhists pay their homage in veneration to all these Buddhas. In essence, all these Buddhas are exactly the same as the Buddha of this world I cycle. They have all realized the same Universal Truth (Dhamma) that Sakyamuni Buddha had realized and they have all His qualities.

Atthavisati Buddha Vandana


English Translation

Vande Tanhamkaram Buddham

Vande Medhamkaram munim

Saranamkaram munim vande

Dipamkaram jinam name

I respect Tanhamkaram, the wise.

I respect Medhamkaram, the sage,

Saranamkaram the sage, I respect.

Dipamkaram the conqueror, I respect.

Vande Kondanna sattharam

Vande Mangala nayakam 

Vande Sumana sambuddham

Vande Revata nayakam

I respect Kondanna, the teacher.

I respect Mangala, the leader.

I respect Sumana, the Fully Enlightened.

I respect Revata, the leader.

Vande Sobhita sambuddham

Anomadassi munim name

Vande Paduma sambuddham

Vande Narada Nayakam

I respect Sobhita, the Fully Enlightened.

Anomadassi the sage, I respect.

I respect Paduma, the Fully Enlightened.

I respect Narada, the leader.

Padumuttaram munim vande

Vande Sumedha nayakam

Vande Sujata sambuddham

Piyadassi munim name

Padumuttaram the sage, I respect.

I respect Sumedha the leader.

I respect Sujata, the Fully Enlightened.

Piyadassi the sage, I respect.

Atthadassi munim vande

Dhammadassi jinam name

Vande Siddhattha sattharam

Vande Tissa mahamunim

Atthadassi the sage, I respect.

Dhammadassi the conqueror, I respect.

I respect Siddhattha, the teacher.

I respect Tissa, the great sage.

Vande Phussa mahaviram

Vande Vipassi nayakam

Sikhi mahamunim vande

Vande Vessabhu nayakam

I respect Phussa the great hero.

I respect Vipassi, the leader.

Sikkhi, the great sage, I respect.

I respect Vessabhu, the leader.

Kakusandham munim vande

Vande Konagama nayakam

Kassapam sugatam vande

Vande Gotama nayakam

Kakusandha the sage, I respect.

I respect Konagama, the leader.

Kassapa the Welcome One, I respect.

I respect the Gotama, the leader.

Atthavisati me Buddha

Nibbanamata dayaka

Namami sirasa Niccam

Te mam rakkhantu sabbada

These twenty eight Buddhas,

The Givers of Deathless Nibbana.

Ever I salute with my head.

May they ever protect me:

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