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Salutation to the Sangha of the Blessed One’s Disciples


English Translation

Supatipanno Bhagavato savaka-sangho

Ujupatipanno Bhagavato savaka-sangho

Ñayapatipanno Bhagavato savaka-sangho

Samicipatipanno Bhagavato savaka-sangho

Yadidam cattari purisayugani attha

purisa-puggala, esa Bhagavato savaka-sangho

Ahuneyyo, pahuneyyo, dakkhineyyo,

Anjalikaraniyo, anuttaram punnakkhettam lokassa ti


The Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples has entered on the good way; The Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples has entered on the straight way; The Sangha of the Blessed Ones disciples has entered on the right path; The Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples has entered on the proper way; That is to say, the Four Pairs of Men, the Eight Types of Persons; The Sangha of the Blessed One’s disciples is fit for gifts, fit for hospitality, fit for offerings and fit for reverential salutation As the incomparable field of merits for the world.

Sangham jivitam yava nibbanam

saranam gacchami

Ye ca Sangha atita ca

Ye ca Sangha anagata

Paccuppanna ca ye Sangha

Aham vandami sabbada


The Sangha of the ages past,

The Sangha that are yet to come,

The Sangha of the present age,

I always pay homage to them.

Natthi me saranam annam

Sangho me saranam varam

Etena sacca-vajjena

Hotu me jayamangalam


No other refuge do I seek;

The Sangha is my matchless refuge;

By the might of this truth,

May joyous victory be mine!

Uttamangena vandeham

Sangham ca tividhuttamam

Sanghe yo khalito doso

Sangho khamatu tam mamam


With my bows I humbly worship,

The Sangha triply unrivalled;

If I have done wrong to the Sangha

May the Sangha forgive me.

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