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Salutation to the Doctrine 


English Translation

Svakkhato Bhagavata Dhammo Sanditthiko

Akaliko Ehi-passiko Opanayiko Paccattam

Veditabbo vinnuhi ti

The Dhamma of the Blessed One Is perfectly expounded, To be seen here and now, Not delayed in time, Inviting one to come and see, Onward leading (to Nibbana), To be known by the wise, Each for himself.

Dhammam jivitam yava nibbanam

Saranam gacchami

Ye ca Dhamma atita ca

Ye ca Dhamma anagata

Paccuppanna ca ye Dhamma

Aham vandami sabbada


The Dhammas of the ages past,

The Dhammas that are yet to come,

The Dhammas of the present age,

I always pay homage to them.


Natthi me saranam annam

Dhammo me saranam varam

Etena sacca-vajjena

Hotu me jayamangalam


No other refuge do I seek;

The Dhamma is my matchless refuge;

By the might of this truth

May joyous victory be mine! 

Uttamangena vandeham

Dhammam ca tividham varam

Dhamme yo khalito doso

Dhammo khamatu tam mamam

With my bows I humbly worship,

The Dhamma triply matchless;

If I have done wrong to the Dhamma,

May the Dhamma forgive me.

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