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Verses for paying Homage to the Triple Gem

Buddha, Dhammma and Sangha

These verses are recited to pay homage to the Triple Gem - Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. These words explain some of the great qualities and virtues pertaining to the Triple Gem. By reciting these words, one can understand the admirable qualities of the Triple Gem and so develop one's confidence in their intrinsic worth.

 The Buddha himself explained these qualities in many of His Suttas. He also advised his followers to recite these words to be mindful of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha in times of fear or disturbance, whether arising from external sources or through evil influences so that such disturbances can be vanquished. This is because the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha are free from all kinds of defilements and hindrances such as greed, anger and ignorance. 

Tri Ratna Vandana - Buddha Vandana

Salutation to the Buddha


English Translation

Iti pi so Bhagava Araham Samma-sambuddho

Vijja-carana Sampanno Sugato Lokavidu Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi Sattha deva-manussanam Buddho Bhagava ti

Thus indeed is the Blessed One: He is the Holy One, Fully Enlightened, Endowed with clear vision and virtuous conduct, Sublime, the Knower of the worlds,

The incomparable Leader of men to be tamed, The Teacher of Gods and men, Enlightened and Blessed.

Araham arahoti namena

Araham papam nakaraye

Arahatta phalam patto

Araham nama te namo

By name He is Arahant as, He is worthy.

Even in secret He does no evil.

He attained the fruit of Arahantship.

To Thee, the Worthy One, my homage be.

Samma sambuddha nanena

Samma sambuddha desana

Samma sambuddha lokasmim

Samma sambuddha te namo

By name He is Samma Sambuddha.

The teaching is of the Samma Sambuddha.

A fully Enlightened One is He in the world.

To Thee, the Fully Enlightened One,

my homage be.

Vijja carana sampanno

Tassa vijja pakasita

Atita naga tuppanno

Vijja carana te namo

He is endowed with wisdom and knowledge.

His wisdom is made known.

The past and the future He knows.

To Thee who is endowed with wisdom

And courage, my homage be.

Sugato sugatattanam

Sugato sundamm pi ca

Nibbanam sugatim yanti

Sugato nama te namo

He is Sugata, being self-disciplined.

Being good He is Sugata.

He has gone to the good state of Nibbana.

To Thee the Sugata, my homage be.

Lokavidutti namena

Atita nagate vidu

Sankhara satta mokase

Lokavidu nama te namo

By name He is Lokavidu. He knows the past and the future. Things, beings and space He knows.

To Thee the knower of worlds,

my homage be.

Anuttaro nana'silena

Yo lokassa anuttaro

Anuttaro puja lokasmim

Tam namassami anuttaro

By wisdom and conduct He is unrivalled. An unrivalled One is He in the world. In this world He is revered as an Incomparable One.

That Incomparable One, I salute.


Sarathi sarathi deva

Yo lokassa susarathi

Sarathi puja lokasmim

Tam namassami sarathi

A charioteer, a charioteer is He of devas.

He is charioteer to the world.

He is a respectful charioteer in this world.

That charioteer I salute.


Deva yakkha manussanam

Loke agga phalam dadam

Dadantam damayantanam

Purisa janna te namo

To devas, yakkhas and men in this world, He gives the highest fruits, And they subdue (their defilements). To the knower of men, my homage be.

Bhagava bhagava yutto

Bhaggam kilesa vahato

Bhaggam samsara muttaro

Bhagava nama te namo

The Bhagava is replete with fortune. He has destroyed all passions. He has crossed the ocean of samsara. To that Bhagava, my homage be.

Buddham jivitam yava nibbanam

saranam gacchami

Ye ca Buddha atita ca

Ye ca Buddha anagata

Paccuppanna ca ye Buddha

Aham vandami sabbada

The Buddhas of the ages past,

The Buddhas that are yet to come,

The Buddhas of the present age,

I always pay homage to them.

Natthi me saranam annam

Buddho me saranam varam

Etena sacca-vajjena

Hotu me jayamangalam

No other refuge do I seek;

The Buddha is my matchless refuge,

By the might of this truth,

May joyous victory be mine!

Uttamangena vandeham


Buddho yo khalito doso

Buddho khamatu tam mamam

With my bows I humbly worship,

The blessed dust on His sacred feet,

If I have done wrong to the Enlightened,

May the Enlightened forgive me.

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