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Mangala Sutta

 Recital of Blessing on auspicious Occasions

The Buddha uttered the following Sutta to explain the attainment of real blessing. The Mangala Sutta itself tells us of the background the significance of this famous discourse. The Buddha clarified the doubts of the Devas (gods) when they wanted to know what constituted a real blessing. In the Buddhist sense a 'blessing' is not something which is given by a divine "being, but a state of Well-being which arises within oneself when one lives righteously, maintains human dignity, and creates a healthy environment.

It is customary to recite this Sutta on auspi­cious occasions. This Sutta is not just for recital, Devotees must also understand its meaning and put its principles into practice. It is by practicing the advice given in this Sutta that one can receive 'blessings'. Here, we find the ethical, moral and spiritual teachings of the Master for the guidance of devotees. The discourse tells us that the Buddha's teachings are not conformed to the philo­sophical and psychological aspects of the religion but extends to the field of social service and the cultivation of self-discipline. Since these verses are supposed to be the original words of the Buddha, Buddhist devotees have high respect for and confidence in them.


Mangala Sutta



English Translation


Evam me sutam

Ekam samayam bhagava

Savatthiyam viharati Jetavane

Anatha-pindikassa arame

Atha kho annatara devata

Abhikkantaya rattiya abhikkanta vanna

Kevala kappam Jetavanam Obhasetva

Yena bhagava tenupasam-kami

Upasam kamitva bhagavantam

Abhivadetva ekamantam atthasi

Ekamantam thita kho sa devata

Bhagavantam gathaya ajjhabhasi


Thus I have heard.

On one occasion the Blessed One, was dwelling at the monastery of Anathapindika in Jeta's Grove near Savatthi. When the night was far spent, a certain deity whose surpassing splendour illuminated the entire Jeta Grove, came to the presence of the Blessed One, and drawing near, respectfully saluted and stood at one side. Standing thus, he addressed the Blessed One in verse


Bahu deva manussa ca

Mangalani acintayum

Akankha-mana sotthanam

Bruhi mangala muttamam


Many deities and men, yearning after good, have pondered on Blessings.

Pray, tell me the Supreme Blessing


Asevana ca balanam

Panditianan ca sevana

Puja ca puja-niyanam

Etam mangala muttamam


Not to follow or associate with fools, to associate with the wise, and honour those who are worthy of honour. This is the Supreme Blessing.


Patirupa-desa vilso ca

Pubbe ca kata-punnata

Atta samma panidhi ca

Etam mangala muttamam


To reside in a suitable locality,

to have done meritorious actions in the past, and to have set oneself on the right course (towards emancipation). This is the Supreme Blessing.


Bahu saccanca sippanca

Vinago ca susikkhito

Subhasita ca ya vaca

Etam mangala muttamam


Vast learning, perfect handicraft, a highly trained discipline and pleasant speech.

This is the Supreme Blessing


Mata pitu upatthanam

Putta darassa sangaho

Anakula ca kammanta

Etam mangala muttamam


The support of father and mother, . the cherishing of wife and children and peaceful occupations. This is the Supreme Blessing


Danam ca dhamma-cariya ca

Natakananca sangaho

Anavajjani kammani

Etam mangala muttamam


Liberality, righteous conduct, the helping of relatives and blameless actions.

This is the Supreme Blessing.


Arati virati papa

Majja-pana ca sannamo

Appa-mado ca dhammesu

Etam mangala muttamam


To cease and abstain from evil, forbearance with respect to intoxicants and steadfastness in virtue. This is the Supreme Blessing.


Garavo ca nivato ca

Santutthi ca katannuta

Kalena dhamma savanam

Etam mangala muttamam


Reverence, humility, contentment, gratitude and opportune hearing of the Dhamma. This is the Supreme Blessing.


Khanti ca Sovacassata,

Samana nanca dassanam

Kalena dhamma sakaccha

Etam mangala muttamam


Patience, obedience, sight of the Samanas (holy men)

and religious discussions at due season. This is the Supreme Blessing.


Tapo ca brahma cariyaca

Ariya saccana dassanam

Nibbana sacchi kiriyaca

Etam mangala muttamam


Self-control, pure life, perception of the Noble Truths and the realization of Nibbana. This is the Supreme Blessing.


Putthassa Ioka dhammehi

Cittam yassa na kampati

Asokam virajam khemam

Etam mangala muttamam


He whose mind does not flutter, by contact with worldly contingencies, sorrow less, stainless and secure.

This is the Supreme Blessing.






Eta-disani katvana

Sabbattha maparajita

Sabbattha sotthim gacchanti

Tam tesam mangala-muttamamti

To them, fulfilling matters such as these, everywhere invincible, in every way moving happily.

These are the Supreme Blessings.

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