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 One day, Sakka, the King approached the Buddha and requested Him to invite the Devas to listen whenever the Dhamma was preached. Assuredly pleased, the Devas in return would protect the devotees. Ever since, the Buddha's disciples have always extended the invitation to the Devas before the recital of Suttas and reminded them of their obligation to protect the devotees.






English Translation



Ye santa santa citta

tisarana sarana ettha lokantare va

Bhumma bhumma ca deva

guna gana gahanab-byavata sabba kalam

Ete ayantu deva vara

kanaka maye meru raje vasanto

Santo santo sahetum

muni vara vacanam

sotu maggam samaggam


May those terrestrial beings and deities, living in this world or beyond, and those highly cultured and restrained, followers of the Triple Gem with many merits adorning, come and listen to the noble and soothing Word of the Buddha



Sabbesu cakka valesu

yakkha deva ca brahmano

yam amhehi katam punnam

sabba sampatti sadhakam

Sabbe tam anumoditva

samagga sasane rata

Pamada rahita hontu

arakkhasu visesato


May all spirits, deities and Brahmas residing in all spheres, satisfied with our meritorious deeds assuring every bliss, be watchful in safeguarding both the world and the Sasana with loving-kindness and equanimity



Sasanassa ca lokassa

vuddhi bhavatu sabbada

Sasanampi ca lokam ca

deva rakkhantu sabbada

Saddhim hontu sukhi sabbe

parivarehi attano

Anigha sumana hontu

saha sabbehi natibhi


May both the Sasana and the world be always prosperous and may the deities protect them. May all unite, be prosperous, happy, pleasant and be in harmony with their followers and relatives



Rajato va

corato va

manussato va

amanussato va

aggito va

udakato va

pisacato va

kanukato va

kantha kato va

nakkhattato va

janapada rogato va

asaddhammato va

asanditthito va

asappurisato va

canda hatthi assa migagona

kukkura ahivicchika

mani sappadipi

accha taraccha sukara

mahisa yakkha rakkhasadihi

nana bhayato va

nana rogato va

nana upaddavato va

arakkham ganhantu


May all of them be protected from various kinds of illness and misfortune attributable to authorities, thieves, villains, goblins, fire, flood, sprits, planetary influence, quarantines, wrong views and misconceptions, uncivilized people, ferocious animals, ghosts and other evil beings.

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