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Khamatha me Bhante


For many people, seeking forgiveness for their sins is the most important aspect of religion. Since Buddhism denies this kind of confession, some people ask why we recite something to confess. Buddhists recite the following verse not with the purpose of confessing their sins but to recognize and admit to themselves their shortcomings.

By not practicing mindfulness constantly in our daily activities, we impede our own spiritual progress. When we allow our mind to dwell on unwholesome thoughts, we may, even commit grievous wrong.

Reciting a verse to re-cast our mind with wholesome thoughts will provide both relief and mental strength to stop repeating our failings. By expressing our thoughts this way and by recognizing our. fallibility, we encourage others to do likewise for their spiritual self-improvement. Having such an attitude helps us to guard our thoughts, speech and actions regardless of whether we are at sacred places or in the presence of holy persons. 

Khamatha me Bhante


English Translation

Kayena vaca cittena

Pamadena maya katam

Accayam khama me bhante

Bhuri-panna  tathagata

If by deeds, speech or thought heedlessly,

I have done anything wrong,

forgive me 0 master!

0 Teacher, Most Wise!


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