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A fervent wish takes the place of prayer in Buddhism. According to the Buddha the strong aspiration of a man is bound to achieve its desired result. Firm determination and a strong will could therefore always fulfill a manís and woman's aspiration. A wish has more the function of contemplation and meditation rather than a petition or supplication. A wish may take the form of some intense desire, such as the aspiration for purity, but the psychological machinery will not operate unless the idea permeates the mind.

It is customary among Buddhists after performing a meritorious deed to have an aspiration for their own benefit and also for the welfare of others. By doing this, they will be able to continue their spiritual well-being and development in the right direction. They can thus prepare the ground for their future rebirth to take effect in a more congenial place.

Those who develop such aspiration or wish will be able to maintain their noble way of life hereafter until they attain their final liberation. Without such an aspiration, Nibbana will not be achieved. 


Transference of Merits to the Departed


English Translation

Imina punna kammena

Mame  bala samagamo

Satam samagamo hotu

Yava nibbana pattiya

By the grace of this merit that I have acquired,

May I never follow the foolish; but only the wise until

I attain the final goal - Nibbana.



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