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Bodhi Vandana

The Bodhi Tree, under which the Buddha gained Enlightenment, is an object of veneration to Buddhists. It is commonly known as 'Pipphal' tree and its botanical name is 'Ficus Religiosa'. Even before the Buddha's Enlighten­ment, this tree was long regarded as a holy tree in India.

 After His Enlightenment, the Buddha showed His gratitude to this tree by gazing at it fondly from a distance for one whole week upon getting up from His seat of Enlightenment. On another occasion, the Buddha advised His followers to plant a Bodhi tree to represent Him during His absence. 

Ever since, the Buddhist world has been vene­rating this sacred tree which represents the Enlightenment of the Master. A firm belief pre­vails among Buddhists that certain power protects and influences the vicinity wherever a Bodhi tree is situated and venerated. Those who fail to grasp the symbolism of such veneration criticize the Buddhist community for being tree worshippers. 

Bodhi Vandana


English Translation

Yassa mule nisinnova

Sabbari vijayam aka

Patto sabbannu-tam sattha

Vande tam Bodhi padapam


Seated at whose base the Teacher overcame all foes, attaining Omniscience, that very Bodhi- Tree do I venerate


Ime ete maha Bodhi

Loka nathena pujita

Ahampi te namassami

Bodhi Raja namatthu te


This great tree of Enlightenment, the Lord of I the world reverenced, I too shall salute you. May there be homage to you, 0 great Bodhi.

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