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The Ten Percepts are observed by the monks and nuns are...

  1. To be reverential and mindful with all life; I practice nonviolence and do not kill.

  2. To respect the property of others; I do not steal.

  3. To be conscious and loving in my relationships; I do not abuse sexuality.

  4. To be honest and truthful; I do not deceive.

  5. To exercise proper care of body and mind; I am not gluttonous, I do not abuse drugs.

  6. To recognize that silence is precious; I do not gossip or engage in frivolous conversation.

  7. To be humble; I do not seek praise for myself, nor do I judge others.

  8. To be satisfied with yourself; I do not covet or indulge in envy or jealousy.

  9. To keep a calm mind and peaceful manner; I do not indulge in anger.

  10. To take refuge in the Three Treasures: the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha; I do not defame them.


The Five Skandhas

  1. Form

  2. Feeling

  3. Perception

  4. Impulse

  5. Consciousness


The Five Hindrances of the Mind

  1. Desire: sense, lusting, grasping

  2. Hatred: anger, ill will, aversion, annoyance, condemnation

  3. Laziness: sloth, torpor, sluggishness, unconsciousness

  4. Restlessness: worry, regret, agitation, inability to concentrate

  5. Doubt: in oneself, one’s action, one’s ability

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